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Ladislav Tázlar (1932) - Biography

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If my brother comes to help me, he does not break open the door of my house at midnight and say that he has come to help me, right?!

Vladimír Tázlar comes from the town Pecka in the Jičín region, where he was born in 1932. He has had a great passion for music and sport already since he was a little boy and he was raised on the principles of the Sokol movement. Even today he still actively plays tennis. Originally he wanted to pursue music professionally, but after 1945, older students who had not been allowed to study during WWII had priority in admissions to schools, and Vladimír thus instead went to apprentice as a watchmaker, and later he continued with his study at the technical school of precision mechanics in Nové Město nad Metují. While there, he led a music choir where he also met his future wife Jana. Vladimír did an internship in Switzerland in 1967 and subsequently he received several job offers from abroad. However, he was not capable of leaving his homeland, his extended family and his friends and he thus returned to Czechoslovakia, where he engaged in educating young watchmakers and developing new types of chronometers. As soon as the political situation allowed, he and his wife established a private family watchmaker's business in Semily. Their children and grandchildren continue in this trade.

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