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Vojtěch Strauss (1947) - Biography

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And it was beautiful, because all this was an experience

Vojtěch Strauss was born in Židovice near Most on October 5, 1947, one hour earlier than his twin brother. His father Adolf was a Sudeten German and he worked as a miner. His mother Vilma came from Slovakia. Part of the family stayed in Czechoslovakia after the war and part moved to Germany. The property of Vojtěch's parents and grandparents was confiscated. Vojtěch attended the elementary school in Židovice and in Bečov, then he apprenticed as a miner and locksmith and he began working in the mine in Kopisty. When he was fifty years old, he had accumulated so much overtime work that he had to retire. Even after his retirement, he continued working as a gatekeeper, in a heat exchanger station, and in his last job he was helping in his son's butcher's shop. With his wife Jiřina they have three children: Vojtěch, Jiřinka, and Rudolf. Mr. and Mrs. Strauss now live in a retirement home in Most.

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