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Zdeněk Albert (1927) - Biography

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To protest we sang our national anthem

Zdeněk Albert was born on 29 June, 1927 in Prostějov. At the age of four his father died due to the first world war injury. Two months prior to the second world war ending Zdeněk Albert was deployed to dig anti-tank trenches in Hranicko region. After liberation he volunteered to enter the national guard. Next he studied the officer academy in Olomouc and Zábřeh, and then as an instructor he was sent to Frývaldov and later Šumperk to become a supervisor in an intern camp. With his unit he also accompanied a transport of displaced Sudeten Germans to an American occupational zone in Germany. In 1949 with a group of friends from Prostějov they set up an anti-communist resistance group. They printed and spread anti-regime leaflets and prints and prepared to cross the borders. In 1952 the secret police arrested them and in October the same year Zdeněk Albert was sent to prison for high treason by the state court of justice. As a prisoner no. A09049 he went through the corrective labour camps near uranium mines in Jáchymovsko and Slavkovsko, before being released on 13 July, 1957. He spent a year recovering from the imprisonment effects. Then he could not find any job and finally became a miner in the Ostrava coal mines, where he worked until retirement. In 2016 he lived in Prostějov.

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