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Jiří Nevyhoštěný (1947) - Biography

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They thought we had come to liberate Mladá Boleslav

Jiří Nevyhoštěný was born on 20 September 1947 in Lesná pod Polštýnem, into the family of a "financial guardsman" (a member of the armed corps of the Ministry of Finance - trans.). In 1951 the family moved to Nový Bor, where the witness's father found employment at the financial bureau. The currency reform of 1953 cost them all their savings, and during the collectivisation his father was fired for refusing to drive around villages persuading farmers to join local agricultural cooperatives. Jiří attended a vocational school under the Office of Communications in Ústí nad Labem, where he lived in a boarding house for three years. In 1966 he was surprised to be drafted into a special unit of the First Deep Reconnaissance Paratrooper Company in Luštěnice near Mladá Boleslav, where he served as a paratrooper and radio operator. During a military exercise in the evening of 20 August 1968, the soldiers intercepted radio communications that implied that enemy forces had entered Czechoslovak territory. This was followed by a week on full alert, when they were willing to fight but unable to intervene. Soon after, the barracks in Luštěnice was seized by the Russians.

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