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PhDr. Věra Bezecná (1922) - Biography

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I accept emigration only when one’s life is at risk

Věra Bezecná, née Venclová, was born February 18, 1922 in Vienna to Marie and Eduard. Her father was a professor at the Czech grammar school and he was active in the Czech community in Vienna. This had a significant impact upon Věra. She studied a Czech school and she interacted mainly with people from the Czech community. In 1938 they were forced to leave Vienna and move to Prague. Věra graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University. She was one of the founding members of the Všehrd Association of Czech Lawyers, and she became its vice-chairman. At the time of the funeral of president Beneš she was interned in the Ruzyně prison as a preventive measure. Although she did receive her doctoral degree, for the following two decades she was not allowed to work in her profession as a lawyer. She worked in the cooperative Soluna as well as in others jobs. In 1949 she married František Bezecný and their daughter Monika was born a year later. The marriage however broke soon after. At the time of the political thaw during the Prague Spring, she got a job in the legal department of the Čedok travel agency, which gave her satisfaction, and she managed to keep this job throughout the subsequent period of normalization. She retired in 1995. In the 1990s her former classmate Felix Kolmer became her partner.

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