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Krista Bartoníčková, roz. Stumpe (1933) - Biography

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The whole Štumpovka burnt to ashes within an hour

Krista Bartoníčková was born in Dvoračky in the hills above Rokytnice nad Jizerou on 17 September 1933 as the first-born daughter of Mr and Mrs Stumpe. Her parents had a farm high up in the Krkonoše Mountains. Mr Stumpe always moved to the New Silesian Cabin for the winter, where he improved his income by tending to the skis of tourists while Krista stayed at home with her mother, who had to make the four-kilometre trek down to Rokytnice for supplies. The money her father saved up allowed him to finish building their own estate, which they expanded to include a small guesthouse in 1936. It took several years for the family to acquire permission to operate the guesthouse because the neighbouring Dvoračka Lodge did not want to allow any competition. Little Krista experienced the burden of war as she was staying with relatives to be nearer to her school and grieved with them for the loss of their sons in battle. The family was afflicted by both the war and the post-war deportation of Sudeten Germans, which directly affected many of their relatives and friends. As proven anti-Fascists, the Stumpes were allowed to stay, but their guesthouse was confiscated together with their Czechoslovak citizenship, and they were forced to move into a damp-ridden house in the Javorek State Farm near Jilemnice. Krista was a good learner and wanted to study at a business academy, but she was only allowed to work in agriculture. After some time she found employment in a kitchen and trained as a cook. In the end she received her apprenticeship certificate in her native Dvoračky, where the family was allowed to return in 1951 after their citizenship had been returned to them. However, they were denied ownership of their house, and when the estate was returned to them in restitution after 1989, it burnt to the ground. The family received scarce compensation from their insurance, and so they sold the land where the new Štumpovka stands today. Krista raised two children with her husband, a daughter Jana and a son Josef. In 2013 she was widowed after 56 years of marriage; she lives in Vysoká nad Jizerou.

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