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Angelina Čmolová, roz. Lafazanovska (1940) - Biography

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I never told the children my story

Angelina Čmolová, née Lafazani, was born on 22 May 1940 in northern Greece into the family of Macedonian patriots. As the youngest of five children, she grew up under the strict guidance of her father, an Orthodox priest. As an ardent patriot, Kristo Lafazanovsky worked with left-wing partisans and was then forced to emigrate to relatives in Albania during the Greek Civil War (1944-1949). The government forces took revenge on his wife and son, whom they put in prison. The seven-year-old Angelina and her one-year-older sister Theodora were in the first group of Macedonian children to be removed to friendly Socialist countries. The sisters arrived in Czechoslovakia in spring 1948, and the family was never fully reunited. The witness grew up in children's homes and only saw her parents once, in 1962, when she visited them in Albania. After fourteen years of separation, they did not manage to renew the familial ties. She married Michal Čmola in Czechoslovakia and had two children with him. She has not maintained any contacts with either the Greek or the Macedonian communities since she was fifteen years old. She worked as the headmistress of a nursery school in the Karlovary Region for thirty years and still works with children today.

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