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Marie Adámková (1930) - Biography

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She kept guerrilla message braided in a ponytail

Marie Adámková, née Hurtíková, was born on April 15, 1930 in a village of Oznice. Together with her parents, an older brother Alois and a younger Josef they lived in a settlement U Plšků, one of many settlements spread out in the neighbourhood. Her parents owned a small farm there. At the end of 1944 or the beginning of 1945 suddenly there was a group of nineteen guerrillas. The house became their shelter for two months and fourteen years old Marie became their connection. She was walking past German soldiers with messages braided in her hair or in her shoes and handed them over to the major of the neighbouring Mikulůvka or his deputies. In her story-telling she also remembers the death of a young guerrilla Ivan, who she fell in love with or eliminating an informer nearby their house. After war she studied the high family school in Valašské Meziříčí and worked in the House of business and services Svazarm the longest time. In 2016 she lived permanently with her son in the village of Jablůnka.

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