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Ing. Tomáš Kopřiva (1956) - Biography

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Tomáš Kopřiva was born on 8 February 1956 in Šumperk. Since he was prohibited to study humanities for ideological reasons, he graduated at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. He privately studied theology under the instruction of Josef Zvěřina, the Srovnalovi couple, and Oto Mádr; he became part of the Šumperk circles around Julius Varga. He also developed relations with the Prague underground and dissent. He worked in the detached department of the Prague Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Olomouc. At the same time, he was busy with producing and distributing samizdat periodicals and publications. He was one of the founding members of the Civic Forum in Olomouc and later co-founded the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). He was also briefly in charge of the Czech Press Agency. As an MP, he supported artist David Černý in placing a pink tank replica at Kinský Square.


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