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Alena Burianová (1934) - Biography

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I was terribly angry at everything

Alena Burianová, née Steinbauerová, was born in 1934 in Prague. Her father was internet in Theresienstadt during war. Her mother managed to get him out after two years through a friend, who was in a relationship with a gestapo member. The family moved from Prague to Mokrovraty to escape the gestapo. In Mokrovraty after liberating by the Red Army the Soviet soldiers bullied them and so they ran back to Prague. They participated in colonisation of the borderline and in exchange for a house in Mokrovraty they got two shops, a villa and automobile in Karlovy Vary. Following 1948 they were confiscated everything. The family wished to emigrate but the secret police learnt of their intentions. The father was arrested. The witness in anger together with her friends destroyed an anti-Soviet label in Karlovy Vary and was sent to re-education to Kutná Hora cloister as a punishmnet. Until today she has been living in Karlovy Vary.

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