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Professor Ludwig Armbruster (1928) - Biography

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In the novitiate, we were isolated like on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The Jesuits didn’t teach us any anti doctrine, neither anti-Nazism, nor anti-Communism, but Christianity, to learn about the truth of Jesus Christ

Ludvík (Ludwig) Armbruster was born in 1928 in Prague, where he also grew up. His grandfather had an Austrian origin. Even though the family spoke Czech and professor Armbruster always considered himself a Czech native, he inherited an Austrian citizenship after his father, which saved him in the crucial moment from long years of internment. In 1947, he entered the novitiate in Velehrad and after the novitiate, he began to study at the Jesuit college in Děčín, where he was arrested an taken into internment to Bohosudov. Due to his Ausrtian origin, he was released from the internment and he was allowed (forced) to leave the country. He moved to Rome, where he finished his studies at the Gregorian University, which he finished in 1952. In Rome, he was introduced with the idea to leave on a mission to Japan. After two years in Japan, he finished his theological studies at the Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology in Frankfurt am Main. He obtained the license in theology and in 1959 he was ordained a priest. He returned to Japan where he lived in the period between 1961 and 1990. He taught at the Sofia University in Tokyo, first as a senior lecturer, than as an associated professor and finally as a regular professor. In Tokyo, he also led an inter-diocese clerical seminary for eight years and he was the head of the University library at Sofia. Nowadays, he still belongs to the Japanese province, but he is a professor at the Theological Faculty at Charles University in Prague. Apart from his membership in the leading positions at universities, he also published several philosophical works, mostly in German and Japanese.


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