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Václav Holub (1930 - 2018) - Biography

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One’s character is more precious than truth


Václav Holub was born July 11, 1930 in Holíč in Slovakia. His father Václav and his mother Josefa, née Uhrová, originally came from the Písek region. Until 1938 his father worked in Slovakia as a state official. Václav's older brother Jiří was involved in an anti-state group led by general Petřík during the war, and their father was hiding weapons for them. Upon request from his schoolmate, Václav Holub let a certain man named Schubert spend a night in his home in September 1948. Schubert was allegedly on his return journey from Germany after being released in amnesty and he had missed his last connection to Prague. On October 21, 1948, StB Security Police picked up Václav from school and took him at first to Pilsen-Bory and then to Prague to the investigation office in Bartolomějská 4. Then he was detained in the prison in Prague-Pankrác, and from there he was sent back to Pilsen again with a sentence of four years of imprisonment for plotting against the republic. In the same year his brother emigrated to the United States. While serving his sentence, Václav worked in the kaolin factory in Třemošná and as a reward for his work he was transferred to the foundry plant in Králův Dvůr u Berouna. He was however caught when his foreman was secretly handing him packages with food, and he thus spent the last years of his sentence in uranium mines in the Prokop mine in Horní Slavkov. In 1954 Václav was drafted to do the military service in spite of holding the ‘blue booklet' - unable to be enlisted for health reasons - and he was assigned to serve in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions in Písek and then in a tank unit in České Budějovice. Since he did not fit into a tank, he was immediately sent to an artillery unit to Rakovník. He was continuously under StB surveillance. After finishing his military service he began working in the company ČSAD Příbram, where he eventually worked nearly continuously until his retirement. václav Holub passed away on June, the 9th, 2018.

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