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Aleš Macháček (1946) - Biography

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A migrant against own will

Aleš Macháček was born on 9 February, 1946 in Prague. His father worked as a layer for the unions during war, after was became a member of the communist party and worked in the office of the governmental board. In 1962 the witness began studying Chemistry and Technology School and continues at the High school of Agriculture. In 1968 h do činnosti joined student s organisation in Všehrdova street. In 1969 he met Ivan Dejmal at the introductory meeting of Trotskyist Youth Group organised by Petr Uhl. In the following year (1970) he married his girlfriend Alena and had a daughter Pavla and a son Jan. At the beginning of 1977 he participated in events regarding the Chart 77 and on 25 January was imprisoned in relation to a dissident Vladimír Laštůvka. Together they were imprisoned in Bory. He was released from prison on 25 July, 1980, when his sentence was over. In 1984, when he was fired from the State Forests, he wrote a letter to the president Husák, where he complained to persecution. He was offered to move out of the country. He used the chance with his new partner, who had two children. They left to London, where Jan Kavan and Zdena Tominová helped them settle down. At the time of velvet revolution the witness lived in London waiting to get a British citizenship. Meanwhile he left his current partner and got close with a poet and later girlfriend, Jane Kirwane. In 1991 he got a British citizenship and a passport and after that he asked to get a Czech passport according to the Rehabilitation Law. He got it back after the year 1992.

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