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MUDr. Antonín Bělař (1944) - Biography

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It may have been better, it may have been stronger, but I never betrayed myself

Antonín Bělař was born as a "hidden child" on 15 June, 1944 in Brno. After his birth his mother, Vlasta Bělařová, was meant to be taken away. But a doctor Jakubíček, who accepted her to his department of meningitis. Following a death of another patient he changed the cards and pronounced Vlasta Bělařová dead. The father, Antonín Bělař senior, was taken to work in Postoloprty. The witness was hiding until the end of war in a so called Brno circle created by Bělař´s friends. The system was based on supplying the family with food, drinks and clothing. At the same time Antonín Bělař and his nine years older sister Milena were often separately hidden in their houses. The activity was done selflessly, though they were often questioned by the gestapo. After the war was over the family happily reunited in Brno. The father began his carrier of a university researcher and a professor. The witness then studied medicine. In 1970s he moved with his wife to Ostrava, where he later became the head of an emergency surgery department in Vítkovice hospital. In 1980s he left with his wife and a daughter to Tunisia, where the husbands worked within the project of the Developing Countries Aid. He´s been practising privately as a medic until today.

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