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Miloslava Miriam Baumruková (1949) - Biography

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I was only able to join the monastic order in secret

Miroslava Miriam Baumruková was born on 10 June 1949 in Klatovy into a religious agricultural family. She grew up alongside her younger brother in the village of Střeziměř where her parents ran a large farm. In 1958, they were forced to join the communist-established agricultural cooperative. The children were brought up by their grandparents who were both strict and kind in following the Catholic faith. Miroslava studied a pedagogical school in Klatovy and then from 1967 till 1969 a follow-up to become a pharmacist technician. At that time, she decided to join the School Sisters of Notre Dame, whom she got to know thanks to her aunt Norberta Cihlářová who was a nun there. In 1971, when she was about to become a novice, the admission of new nuns was prohibited by law. She was therefore admitted by the Mother Superior in secret. Ever since 1971, she lived alongside the other nuns in Javorník. After 1989, the order regained its original house in Hradec Králové, where she moved in 1990.

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