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Petr Adler (1930) - Biography

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If we had left to Britain in 1939, my whole life would have taken a completely different direction

Petr Adler was born on March 25, 1930, in Brno. Both of his parents worked in the healthcare sector. His father had a private practice. His parents had a mixed marriage: his father was a Czech Jew, his mother a German Christian. They stayed together during the war. Even though his father was affected by the anti-Jewish laws, he somehow managed to evade the transport to the concentration camp. The family was thus able to stay together for the whole time of the war. Petr graduated in 1949 and went on to study music studies at the Masaryk University. After he graduated from university in 1954, he began to work as an instructor of ballad opera in the state theater in Brno. However, as he did not find this job satisfying, he quit after two years and got a new job in the Brno office of the Czechoslovak Radio. He worked as a director of documentary, literary and drama programs. In 1959, he married the art historian Alena Kudělková. In 1961, they moved to Prague and Petr Adler worked in the Prague office of the Radio. This was where he witnessed the era of the social liberalization and the ensuing occupation by the armies of the Soviet bloc in August 1968. After the political screenings in the Radio, he stayed in his job for another 20 years although he was not a Communist. After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, he became the chief director. In 1996, he retired, even though he still cooperates with his former employer.

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