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Ing. Richard Barvínek (1931) - Biography

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Ing. Richard Barvínek was born in 1931 in a family of a clerk and social democrat. He graduated from the faculty of civil engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague where he specialized in geotechnology. After graduation from the university he accepted a job offer to go to eastern Slovakia, where he worked on a construction of a railway as part of an assignment from the government. After his return from the two-year working stay in Slovakia and completion of his military service he received an offer to go to Cuba as a construction specialist. He travelled there in 1965 together with his wife, who worked as a hydrogeologist, and with his son; their daughter was born later. Richard Barvínek spent three years in Cuba with his family and he returned to Czechoslovakia in autumn 1968. Mr. and Mrs. Barvínek considered emigration, but they eventually decided to stay in Czechoslovakia for family reasons. Richard continued going to work abroad with his family throughout the 1970s and 1980s. As an expert on geotechnology, he stayed and worked mostly in Latin American countries (Peru, Colombia, Belize) and in some others, like Algeria and Jordan. He still works in his profession as a geotechnologist and he is still an active athlete as well. Richard Barvínek and his wife live in Prague.

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