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Captain (ret.) Josef Kulich (1924) - Biography

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You know what is it like, the whizzing sound of three machine guns firing at you? One could not even move there

Captain in retirement Josef Kulich was born April 17, 1924 in the village Stromovka in Volhynia in the then Poland. He passed seven grades of Polish elementary school and then he continued studying at a school in Lutsk which was established by the Czech language foundation. While living in Volhynia, he experienced the Soviet as well as the Nazi occupation and on March 23, 1944 he joined the recently formed 1st Czechoslovak army corps where he was assigned to serve in a tank unit. Josef went through a school for non-commissioned officers in Rusov and Bessarabia. With the 1st Czechoslovak army corps he participated in combat at Kiverce, Jaslo and Krosno, where he suffered a shrapnel injury and a penetrating gunshot wound in his leg. He also took part in the Carpathian-Dukla operation, the Ostrava-Opava operation and in other fights for liberation on the Czechoslovak territory. After the war he settled in Břvany near Louny and he worked as an independent farmer, but after the collectivization of farms he qualified as a train engine driver and for the following thirty years he then worked for the railways. Josef eventually settled in Louny, where he was living in 2015. His wife Marie Kulichová, née Linhartová, was also a Volhynian Czech from Mirohošť and she likewise took part in combat as a member of the 1st Czechoslovak army corps.

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