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Zdeněk Adamec (1934 - 2017) - Biography

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A troublemaker teacher


Zdeněk Adamec was born February 9, 1934 in Prague. His life was severely affected by the 1950s. Already while he was a student at Drtina Grammar School in Prague he experienced how the communist regime handled its opponents. His classmate and a good friend was Jana Horáková, the daughter of executed Milada Horáková. Seven years later, Zdeněk himself had a direct experience with the communist judicial system. After the events in Hungary he participated on drafting a document which condemned the intervention in Hungary and proposed the future of our country without the leadership of the communist Party. This document was to be delivered to the Radio Free Europe. For this reason, in 1957 the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem sentenced him to eight years of imprisonment for high treason. After an appeal to court, his penalty was commuted to four years. He spent more than two and a half years in the corrective labour camp in the uranium mines in Bytíz. He was released in the extensive presidential amnesty in 1960. He then worked as a stagehand in the National Theatre for four years before he managed to find a teaching job again. He worked as a teacher in the elementary school in Štechovice for over twenty years. Due to his friendship with Vilém Hejl, in 1977 he was summoned to the StB State Security police station in Bartolomějská Street in Prague. They wanted him to collaborate with them, which he strictly refused. As a result, the school authority then forbade him to teach civics and history. After the fall of the communist regime, he served as the school's principal for one year. He lived in the small village Hamry, where he spent time in his studio painting canvases which draw upon the cubist and futuristic conception of figural composition. Zdeněk Adamec passed away on september, the 2nd, 2017.

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