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Vlasta Palisová (1921) - Biography

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I trained as a seamstress on my mum’s behest, but I wanted to be an actress

Vlasta Palisová, née Šafaříková, was born on 2 April 1921 in Brno. She moved with her parents to Zlín at a very early age. Her father Alois Šafařík was employed as an accountant at the Baťa Works, and in 1949 he was ordained a deacon of the Czechoslovak Church (later renamed to the Czechoslovak Hussite Church), standing in for Evangelical pastors from the surrounding region. Vlasta Palisová attended the Masaryk Experimental Differential School and trained as a ladies' tailor. She and her father played in several amateur theatre groups, and she was an active member of the Sokol sports movement. In November 1944 she witnessed the bombing of Zlín. After the war she married; she raised two children with her husband František. She devoted her whole life to caring for her family.

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