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Hovhannes Karapetyan (1899 - ????) - Biography

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Revived life between real and incredible horrors

Hovhannes Karapetyan (first surname Keopityan) was born in 1899 in city Adabazar, where more than half of the population were Armenians and the city was located not far from Istanbul in the Ottoman Turkey. His father, Karapet, who was a butcher, thought that his children must by all means get education and he did all he could for the sake of it. Little Hovhannes used to be called Onik in the Armenian family that was why he was also called the same way in the primary school. In 1908 he entered the Armenian gymnasium in Adabazar where he learnt Turkish and French and deeply studied literature. At the same time he studied the art of trade at his relatives' shop.

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