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Jiřina Čechová (1932) - Biography

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Our study group was guided by the rule: free your mind of many things, focus on the spiritual and work on yourself

Jiřina Čechová was born in 1932 in České Budějovice. After the war, she joined a Boy Scout troop and through it she got involved in the activities of the group “Kruh” (The Circle) around Dr. Pavel Křivský, who organized seminars and lectures in the field of scout education, psychology and philosophy for young people. After she began studying at Charles University in Prague (she was in the same class as Ivan Klima, whom she remembers), she came into closer contact with the members of the Kruh. The experience from the Kruh became one of the most important chapters in her life. During her time in the Kruh, she was able to absorb the principles of humanity, friendship and brotherhood and this formative experience enabled her to survive the next forty years of socialism. In the course of the trumped-up process with Pavel Křivský, she was interrogated several times by the StB1. She became a lifelong high-school teacher and as such, she was subjected to many injustices and humiliations by the regime. But she has never bowed to the regime. Together with her husband and others she founded a scout troop in Bechyně in 1968. In 1989, she signed the declaration “A Few Sentences” without hesitation and she became an instructor at the first tests of scout leaders after the Velvet Revolution.

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