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Josef Čoček (1932) - Biography

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Free people became slaves and primitives became kings of the world

Josef Čoček was born in 1932 in the village of Střítěž nad Ludinou, which is located nearby the town of Hranice. By the age of 18, he and two of his friends attempted to flee to Bavaria. However, he was arrested and imprisoned in Pilsen, where he met Jaroslav Horusický. With the help of this man, he later made contact with the U.S. intelligence service MIC. He supplied the service with information and smuggled people across the state border to the free world. In 1954, he was caught at the border, tortured and eventually sentenced to life. He spent over ten years in horrendous conditions in the Mírov and Leopoldov prisons. After he had been freed from jail, he was interrogated several times by the secret police and was oressured to sign up for a cooperation with them. However, Josef Čoček steadily refused to cooperate with the StB. In 1967, he married Márie Červeňáková and they still live together in Hranice.

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