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Anton Adámek (1930) - Biography

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Everybody has to make an effort to prevent recurrence of those horrors. People mustn’t commit that kind of crimes on their own nation, on their own people

Anton Adámek was born on September 2, 1930, in Veľké Janíkovce near the town Nitra in the peasant family. His father, a disabled soldier, didn't have the right hand. He gained the primary education at the roman-catholic public school. He started to attend it in 1936 and finished it in 1944 when the Slovak National Uprising was about to break out. A year later he enrolled at the vocational school and became a barber and a hairdresser. In the year 1949 he was present at the religious retreat in Stráže pod Tatrami, what was the reason why the State Security involved him in a fabricated production of anti-state leaflets. In the same year he was arrested in Trenčianske Teplice and sentenced under the Act No. 231/1948 Coll. on the Protection of the People's Democratic Republic. In April 1949 he was given eight years and he served his sentence mainly in Jáchymov mines. He was released from prison in November 1957. After serving his sentence he worked as a barber, later he was an auxiliary radiotherapist in Nitra and for some time he worked also in Pozemné stavby in Bratislava. When he was 29 years old, he started to attend the evening classes at the Secondary School of Civil Engineering and he also passed the leaving examination there. In 1989 he became involved in the "Velvet Revolution" and later he was present at birth of the Confederation of Political Prisoners of Slovakia.

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