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Olga Dufková, roz. Urbánková (1940) - Biography

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They robbed you, so don’t play a fool for them!

Olga Dufková, née Urbánková, was born in Slaný on December 13, 1940. Her parents owned a bus transportation company which operated the route between Slaný and Vraný. They had a leased apartment and garages in Vraný. Olga attended school in Slaný, where she was taken care of by her grandmother. Her parent's company was confiscated by the state in the 1950s and the whole family had to move into Olga's grandmother's house. After graduation from elementary school she studied at the Secondary School of Chemistry in Prague. After her graduation in 1959 she received her job placement notice for the factory Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth in České Budějovice. Her request for workplace change was granted and she was sent to work in the Geological Surveying Company (later renamed Geoindustria) instead. She worked there till 1991, when this large company split into several smaller ones. She then began working in the Water Resources (Vodní zdroje), where she eventually retired. She moved to her childhood home in Slaný which she inherited from her parents.

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