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Emílie Machálková (1926 - 2017) - Biography

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We awaited every train with a flower, vainly

Emílie Machálková was born in 1926 into a significant Roma family of Holomeks. Her great-grandfather pushed through the right of Roma to live in villages, instead of the previous limit to inhabit only settlements outside the village. Together with her parents and siblings she was saved from deportation to concentration camps - mayor of Nesovice negotiated a derogation on Gestapo in Brno for them. However, thirty-three members of the immediate family were enlisted into the camps, none of them returned. Only three years old niece Růženka was safed. In adulthood, Emílie Machálková, dubbed Elina, established itself as a singer of especially Roma songs. She won several singing competitions. Emília Machálková passed away on July, the 16th, 2017.

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