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Zdeněk Damašek (1925 - 2012) - Biography

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Retired lance corporal Ing. Zdeněk Damašek was born on November 2, 1925 in Teremno, Volhynia. As a boy, he excelled in language and musical studies, which he would later use during the war. Before the Soviet occupation of 1939, the Damašek family moved to Lutsk and became one of the few Czech families in the town. During the German occupation, Damašek avoided forced labor due to his position in a Lutsk orchestra. On the 19th of March 1944, after the arrival of the Red Army, he joined the newly formed 1st Czechoslovak independent brigade. He served in the orchestra platoon commanded by Vít Nejedlý. The only exception was the battle of the Dukla Pass when he had to fight in the infantry. In accordance to the saying, "an army unit means nothing without music", Damašek returned to the orchestra platoon. After the war, he lived shortly in Žatec then moved to Prague in the summer of 1945 to finish grammar school. He worked in the banking sector and got a degree at the University of Economics. In the 60s, he worked in the Middle East. He died in Prague on 20th of October 2012.

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