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Gabriela Kleinová (1921) - Biography

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They just read I was tried for espionage and treason and for treason they used to give life imprisonment, twenty-five years at least

Gabriela Kleinová was born in 1921 in Vrútky. Her mother Zuzana was a housewife and her father Eugen Korda was an important railway official. Gabriela had five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. Her eldest brother, Alexander Korda was a gunnery officer and since 1942 he was a member of illegal military resistance organization Victorie. He was also an active member of the anti-fascist resistance in the army and since September 10, 1944 he was in charge of the military training camp Oremov laz. He helped to arm the partisan units as well. During the Slovak National Uprising he was a commander of the 25th Foot Battalion and a co-operator of general Golian. After the February 1948 was Alexander along with his wife and the family persecuted, exposed to an inhuman tyranny and convicted to life imprisonment for alleged treason and espionage. This weakened his health a lot and he died in 1958 during the imprisonment. The whole family, including his siblings and their relatives were considered to belong to the enemies of the State. After the Slovak National Uprising Gabriela along with her sister Ružena and Ružena´s husband moved to Bratislava where she started to work in her brother-in-law´s office. Later on she got married to an architect Tibor Klein and together they had two children. In 1950´s the whole Korda family had been interrogated and gradually imprisoned. In 1952 was Gabriela´s husband sentenced to eight years of imprisonment; she got four years to spend in prisons in Bratislava, Rimavská Sobota, Sučany, and in Želiezovce. On March 4, 1955 Gabriela was freed because of granting the amnesty to women that had little children and lower sentence than ten years. Her husband served two thirds of the sentence and after the Hungarian Revolution he was released.


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