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Jaroslav Režný (1935) - Audio/video gallery

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A guerrilla in Podvesná turned boy scout

“So, we little boys started collecting all that ammunition, both used and unused cartridges. I even found a damaged German automatic rifle in the forest behind the hospital; at least I believed it was German – maybe it was other. As a result, I became the commander of the guerrillas for about a week. I had this armband that read, in a wobbly script, ‘Czechoslovak Guerrilla’. I enjoyed playing the game, but it only lasted for about two weeks because boy scouts started marching in Podvesná. They would sing and brother Garlík was blowing a trumpet, a bugle. I loved it so much that I threw my armband away. As for the rifle: a boy in the Sixth Street – we lived on the Eleventh – damaged his hand with some explosive. I don’t know if he lost his fingers completely or was just badly hurt, but our parents and neighbours raided our boys’ belongings and took everything, just everything. They took it all away, and our beautiful game was over.”



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