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Alois Heinrich Galle (1937) - Audio/video gallery

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His brother Heinrich joining the Hitlerjugend

“Weren’t some of your siblings in Hitlerjugend?” – “Yes, Heinrich was in Hitlerjugend and he was quite proud of it, because I have a photo of him when at that time, at that time! he received that light brown shirt and the tie with the leather knot. Something like this uniform was a thing unseen because we did not have anything like that there. We always wore the clothes which our older siblings had used, and if by any chance we did not have such clothes, I had to wear girls’ clothes, because my mom simply did not have anything else and so she clothed us the best she could. And he had himself photographed in that brown shirt with the knot and he was proud of it. But he was some fifteen or sixteen years old and then he had to go to the war, and so his career in Hitlerjugend was over.”



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