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Jenovefa Poňuchálková (1924) - Audio/video gallery

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Everything was forbidden

“Everything was forbidden. There were no dances, we only really gathered around the village, in various places. If someone could play the accordion, he’d play the accordion and we’d prance around, and that was our dance - it was all so suppressed, nothing was allowed. Even at the farm. I know my parents would say the financials [officers] were coming, we had to hide everything. To even have enough to eat, we had to make hide-outs. You couldn’t leave it around because it was measured, and there were limits to what you could or could not have, and if they thought you had something extra, they took it, no questions. We had it in the house, we had a room there with a hole dug under it and bricked up. It was there, with furniture placed on top... They came to us as well. When there was to be a slaughter, the financial officer came to check how many pigs there were and what condition they were in and whether this and that was or wasn’t there. We had to hand in our grain, but we scraped by somehow. It always worked out that we didn’t go hungry and that we always had something to eat.”



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