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Branislav Tvarožek (1925) - Audio/video gallery

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Golian's and Viest's Guarding Division

Slovak National Uprising came soon. I decided to get involved and thus I became a member of the university students’ guarding division. You know, there weren’t only university students, even though they comprised the majority of all members. We were called general Golian’s and general Viest’s guarding division. Then, after the suppression of the uprising, we went into the mountains with them. Aircrafts that had been prepared for the generals in Donovaly remained unused and were destroyed. We had daily clashes with the Germans. After few days the Germans knew a lot about us. Therefore, the generals Golian and Viest with their group decided to separate from the rest of the division somewhere above the Sopotnická dolina valley and attempted to escape. Unfortunately, it did not happen. They were caught in Bukovec in a forester’s house. Our division was gradually dissolved and liquidated.



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