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Pavel Konzal (1927) - Audio/video gallery

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Deportation of priests and closing of monasteries

“And on April 13, they took all male monasteries in the country by raid. The police, militia and other such villains. I slept in one room with a fellow student, he was a year older, in octave. I slept by the window, he slept by the door, so he was woken earlier and I could hear what was happening. I pretended to sleep. Then a militia man or somebody like that approached me with a rifle. He poked my ribs, saying, ‘Get up, you pig, you come with us’. Such a nice waking up. They gathered us in the dining room, said we were in danger, that people wanted to do us harm and that they had to protect us. And they said they would gather us in a single place. There were about ten priests and we students. They loaded us onto a bus and they took superiors to Želiv, where all monastic superiors were interned. They told us that they would take us elsewhere. They said we would go to Ostrava. The police said it. There were about five armed policemen with us in the bus. But we could see we were driving in the direction of Brno. We were curious because we were going east. No one could know, they could have been taking us to Siberia. At that moment you simply don’t know what happens.”



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