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Jozef Činčala (1921 - 2007) - Audio/video gallery

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About Dukla

"It was really terrible in Dukla Pass. The Germans were using their Minnie rockets. They were similar to the Russian katyusha rockets. The smoke was just all over. People of Dukla stayed hiding in their houses. I entered one house. Before I did I saw some wounded people. I saw even more death people. Some poor guy was lying in the ditch. The mine exploded right next to him and it ripped his entire chest off. I was being well aware of what may happen to me. I entered one big house. The people were hiding in the basement. I found lots of holy pictures scattered there. My Holy Virgin that went with me all the way from Dukla came from there. It’s old and shabby, but I keep it as a memory of those days."



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