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Categorii asemănătoare

Agent StB (Securității de Stat) (19) Anchetator comunist (6) Border Guards [en] (43) Colaborator al StB (Securității de Stat) (31) Deținut din lagărul sovietic, Gulag (105) Deținut politic al anilor 50 în Republica Cehoslovacă (464) Deținut politic al anilor 60 în Republica Socialistă Cehoslovacia (76) Deținut politic după anul 1968 în Republica Socialistă Cehoslovacia (90) Dizident (218) Emigrant 1948 - 1989 (365) Funcționar al Armatei Populare Cehoslovace în anii 1948 – 1989 (56) Funcționar comunist (37) Gabor (gardian) in penitenciarele comuniste (11) Informator StB (Securității de Stat) (6) Odbojová skupina bratří Mašínů [en] (9) Participant la rezistenţa anticomunistă (218) Persoană investigată de către StB (Securității de Stat) – individ inamic (342) Political prisoner in the GDR [en] (1) Prizonier politic în România (28) Procuror comunist (2) PTP (Batalion tehnic de susţinere) (231) Reception camp for GDR- refuges in Gießen, FRG [en] (0) Rezistenţa anticomunistă (11) Rudă a unui deținut politic (514) Semnatarii Cartei 77 (151) The East German Refugee [en] (2) The ransom of political prisoners in the GDR [en] (0) TNP (Lagăre de munca silită) (72) Underground (116) Victimă a persecuției bisericilor în anii 1948 – 1989 (223) Victimă a persecuției în legătura cu colectivizarea agriculturii (230)

Lista martorilor

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Chanan Abeles (1929)

born on January 29, 1929 in Bratislava traditional Jewish family, his father was a trader from autumn 1944 hiding in Bratislava December 1944 – arrested and deported to Sereď January 1945 – Chanan Abeles and his father interned in Sachsenhausen, his mother ... arrows 

Miriam Abeles (1932)

born July 21, 1932 in Levoča into a Jewish family her father died in 1939 her mother had Miriam baptized and she entrusted her to nuns to care for her she survived the war hiding in convents in Spišský Štiavnik and in Bytčica near Žilina her mother was ... arrows 

Emil Adamčík (1938)

born in 1938 in Červeník studied to become a lathe operator at first he tried unsuccessfully to emigrate to Austria under the excuse of vacation in Cuba he wanted to emigrate to Canada tried to emigrate to the USA through Poland, but he got caught was ... arrows 

František Adamec (1922 - 2011) video clip available

1922, Born in Dědice near Vyškov July 5, 1946, ordained a priest by Bishop Stanislav Zela December 1948, met Hana Benešová in Sezimovo Ústí February 19, 1949, arrested for allegedly having a bad influence on youth Sentenced together with the group Orel (The ... arrows 

Zdeněk Adamec (1934 - 2017) video clip available

born February 9, 1934 in Prague his father owned a construction company during the war his father served in the Luftschutz anti-aircraft defence his father joined the resistance movement, involved in the Prague Uprising after 1948 his father lost his ... arrows 

Miriam (Mariana) Adamec roz. Neumannová (1925)

Born 1925 in a family of a lawyer in Bratislava Studied a grammar school – completed her fourth year before the war Member of a leftist Zionist movement Hashomer Hacair From 1944 had to live in hiding with false documents. The rest of her family died went to ... arrows 

Anton Adámek (1930) video clip available

he was born on September 2, 1930 he comes from Veľké Janíkovce near Nitra his parents were smallholders he was raised to be a good Catholic in 1936 he enrolled at the roman-catholic public school and he finished it in 1944 in 1945 he continued studying at ... arrows 

Milan Adámek (1971) video clip available

Born on 30 March, 1971 in Přílepy Grew up in Holešov Meetings with Stanislav Devátý Printing samizdat Suspended sentence for distribution of a petition Several Sentences Reconstructed a former coaching inn in Holčovice, where he lives with his family in 2016 ... arrows 

Rabbi Sinaj Adler (1928)

born July 11th 1928 in Prague in a rabbi’s family comes of a family of rabbis from the Šumava region from Dobrá Voda near Hartmanice March 1943 the family transported to Terezín from May 1944 to January 1945 in Auschwitz, his parents died there afterward ... arrows 

Eva Adorian (1926)

born in Prague in 1926 member of the Jewish movement El Al with members of the association Shared Hand she was helping Jews during the transports the family was deported to Terezín in 1942 in 1944 she was deported to Auschwitz with her mother she saved her ... arrows 



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