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Gypsies / Roma (48) Holocaust (436) Palestine/Israel (169) People helping Jews during WWII (97) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (122) Theresienstadt Ghetto (142) Winton’s Children (23)

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Barbara Winton (1953)

born 23rd Otober 1953 in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain, lives with her family in Herefordshire, England 1984 completes her studies of homeopathy at London College of Homepathy 1988 BBC programme That´s Life completely changes the life of the family ... arrows 

Magdaléna Zadorová (1919)

born on December 22, 1919 in Košice March 1940 she married Andrej Zador from Uzhhorod May 25, 1944 – she boarded the third transport to Auschwitz lived to see the liberation in Ravensbrück returned to Košice in June 1945 1946 her son was born lives in ... arrows 

Milan Zapletal (1924 - 2013)

Born on October 23, 1924, in Velké Bílovice His brother Libor Zapletal became a paratrooper in the Bivouac group, was landed in the Protectorate but shortly after his landing arrested and forced to cooperate with the Gestapo, he pretended to cooperate and ... arrows 

Alžběta Zdražilová (1928)

born August 18th 1928 in Humenné in a Jewish family 1930s the family moved to Carpathian Ruthenia in search of work 1939 Hungarian occupation of Carpathian Ruthenia interned in Hungary and then in the Stutthof concentration camp survived Auschwitz, she was ... arrows 

Eva Zelená roz. Reichová (1928)

Born on June 15, 1928, in Trutnov Since her birth she’s been living in Česká Skalice On December 14, 1942, she, her parents and her sister went from Česká Skalice via Hradec Králové to Theresienstadt They arrived in Theresienstadt on December 17, 1942 On May ... arrows 

Ignác Zima (1938)

born 23 February 1938 in a Romani settlement in Kopčany (western Slovakia) after the war, the family moved to find work in Foršt near Svitavy from 1956, railroad switch operator at Hodonín station late 1950s, compulsory military service in Konice 1969-1973, ... arrows 

Ana Zulian (1926 - 2010) video clip available

She was born in 1926. under fascists government. Her village was a partisan haven. in 1944. her village were attacked by Nazis and fascist. She was deported to Auschwitz with her sister and cousins. She remembers her number for the rest of the life. After ... arrows 

MUDr. Raja Žádníková (1929)

born August 29, 1929 in Tel Aviv in a Jewish family moved to Prague January 1942 – the family transported to Terezín autumn 1944 – her father was deported from Terezín to Auschwitz, and from there to Dachau where he died Raja and her mother remained in ... arrows 

Eva Žárská, roz. Lukášová (1935)

born on 1 July 1935 into the family of a constructor František Lukáš in Vsetín throughout the war, her family was hiding things belonging to the Jewish Eichner family after the war, the Lukášs found the Eichners‘ daughter Ilse who survived the Auschwitz ... arrows 

Jaroslav Žatečka (1928)

May 4, 1928 born in Krchleby near Čáslav his mother came from a Czech family in the USA, returned to Czechoslovakia his mother was not married, she did not request the issuance of personal documents during a document check in June 1942 they failed to provide ... arrows 



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