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Churches and religious societies

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Catholic clerical (63) Friars (72) Member of an Illegal Church (46) Non-Catholic clerical (49) Representative of the Church (123) Vicar without State agreement (29) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (223)

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Sr. Silvia Augustína Hlaváčová (1924 - 2015)

Born 13. 6. 1924, Chynorany First vows 08.28 1945 Trnava Perpetual vows 1. 5. 1956, Tanvald (CZ) Died 6/12 2015 Levare ... arrows 

Radim Hložánka (1923 - 2017) video clip available

born January 4, 1923 in Petřvald studied grammar school in Příbor, graduated in 1943 in Ostrava worked as a locksmith and later as a teacher involved in the Scout movement in 1948 admitted to the seminary in Olomouc after the seminary was closed down in ... arrows 

Antonie Hofmanová (1923 - 2009)

born in Horní Branná in the sub-Krkonoše region on June 13th, 1923 during WWII she decided to become a teacher of religion she joined the Secular Franciscan Order she came into contact with Jocism clubs and with the Catholic Family in 1952 she was arrested ... arrows 

Pater Benedikt Vladimír Holota (1922)

born 5 August 1922 in Nebřeziny 1942, graduated from a secondary technical school of mechanics messenger for the resistance group Defence of the Nation 1944, baptised by Fr Stanislav František Juřík 1947, accepted to the novitiate of the Order of Saint ... arrows 

Ing. Rudolf Jan Holý (1921)

born September 22, 1921 in Ústí nad Labem-Střekov as a child he was a member of Boy Scouts – meetings of the association, field training, mobilization had to leave the Sudeten region after the rise of Hitler to power study at the Trade Academy in Resslova ... arrows 

Jiřina Hošková (1926)

Born at 11/6/1926 to Czech parents in Slovakia. During the WW II. became a member of the Catholic Action. Since 1947 a student of the Faculty of Philosophy where she got to know Růženka Vacková. After the violent disbandment of the Catholic Action arrested. ... arrows 

Marie Hrbková (1922)

born in August 1922 in Prague as Marie Jandová her father Karel Janda worked as a shoemaker, her mother Anastázie was a housewife as a five-year-old she moved with her family to a farm in Kanice in the Domažlice region in 1938 witnessed the mobilization and ... arrows 

SDB Jozef Hrdý (1923) video clip available

Jozef Hrdý was born on April 10, 1923 in the village of Veľké Ostratice he studied at the Salesian grammar school in Šaštín later, he studied pedagogy in Trnava and in the meantime he spent a year of novitiate in Svätý Beňadik monastery he was in Trnava when ... arrows 

Mgr. Václav Hurt (1957) video clip available

born on May 11, 1957 in Čáslav spent his childhood in the mountain hamlet Hořejší Herlíkovice in the Krkonoše Mountains in 1976 - 1981 studied at the Komenský Evangelical Faculty of Theology evangelical pastor repeatedly interrogated by the StB during his ... arrows 

Josef Husek (1923)

Born February 2, 1923, in the Old town in a religious family. Had a younger brother Antonín and an older sister Blažena who became a nun. Had another sister Lída who died soon after her birth. After graduation, he decided to join the Franciscan order. 1946 - ... arrows 



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