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Secret services

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A collaborator of the Soviet secret service (3) A secret police agent (19) A secret police collaborator (31) A secret police informer (6) Agent of the western secret services (cold war) (25) An agent of the Soviet secret service (1)

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Otakar Raulím (1924)

born on 21 October, 1924, in Liberec 1942-1943: imprisoned by the Gestapo for eight months for feeding POWs 1945-48: studies at a university in Zvolen 1948: dismissed from the university for his anti-Communist views 1949-1950: compulsory military service - ... arrows 

RNDr., CSc. František Reichel (1938)

born January 27, 1938 in Prague raised in a strongly Catholic environment in 1962 graduated from the veterinary faculty of the University of Agriculture in Brno got implicated with the State Security Police while doing his military service in 1970 joined the ... arrows 

Private First Class Hanan (Hanuš) Ron (Rosenbaum) (1928)

born in 1928 in Moravská Ostrava, Jewish origin 1939, escaped through Poland to the Soviet Union stay in a labor camp in the Jakutsk district communication engineer at the heavy infantry of the Czechoslovak Army 1948, emigration to Israel communication ... arrows 

Josef Rössler (1956)

born 7 April 1956 in Prague sports-oriented family (Scouting, sailing) 1971-1973, trained as a mechanic at Czech Boatyard Prague from 1974, in touch with the Czech underground scene thanks to Golden Hill House a musician - Goldberg Grass Band, Dr. Prostěradlo ... arrows 

JUDr. Ctibor Rybár (1920 - 2013)

Born in 1920 in Bratislava as Tibor Fischer An active member of the Zionist movement Hashomer Hatzair in Slovakia 1941: called to duty to the 6th labor battalion 1942: left illegally to Budapest In Budapest imprisoned for forging documents for the Zionist ... arrows 

Jaroslav Řičica (1924)

born on 24. April 1924 in Veselí nad Moravou a machinery locksmith by ČKD Sokolovo in 1944 assigned for forced labor in Germany after the war became a laborer in 1947 recruited to army to serve compulsory service, entered KSČ (Communistic Party), applied for ... arrows 

Milan Sehnal (1930 - 2017) video clip available

Born in 1930 in Olomouc A scout His uncle Florian Jahoda served in the RAF Emigrated in March 1949 An agent of the CIC Secretly crossed the border three times Sentenced to 12 years for treason and espionage Attempted to escape from the Mariánská camp ... arrows 

Marie Sidorová (1919)

born on 2nd July 1919 in Kyiv met personally with Tomáš G. Masaryk studies at a medical school in Martin two months before the Slovak National Uprising becomes the director of an infant home in Vrútky witnessed the battle at Sv. Kříž a member of the Russian ... arrows 

Walter Sitte (1935)

born April 14, 1935 in Hrádek nad Nisou in a German family 1938 – his father refused the draft to the wehrmacht, sentenced to three years of forced labour in Germany 1941 – his father sent to the eastern front with a penal unit, wounded, then fought at the ... arrows 

Sergěj Solovjev (1924)

was born on May 1st in 1924 in Turnov. in 1947 Solovjev together with Vladimír Čepelka became engaged in espionage activities in the services of the United States of America in May 1948 he was detained and interrogated by the agents of the Defense Information ... arrows 



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