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Secret services

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A collaborator of the Soviet secret service (3) A secret police agent (19) A secret police collaborator (31) A secret police informer (6) Agent of the western secret services (cold war) (25) An agent of the Soviet secret service (1)

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Jaroslav Lamr (1950)

born on 22 January 1950 in the Nymburk district trained to be a carpenter; after compulsory military service found a job at the Federal Ministry of Interior in 1973 transferred to the secret police department in Příbram followed foreigners arriving to the ... arrows 

Juliána Lápková roz. Pecháčková (1935 - 2015) video clip available

born 1935 in the village Vřesce collectivization of farms unified agricultural cooperative in Vřesce her father Václav Pecháček imprisoned in Tábor her brother Josef Pecháček in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions as a nurse in the Jáchymov uranium mines ... arrows 

Josef Lněnička (1930)

he was born on April 11th 1930 in Budislav village 1946-1949 - studies on grocery school in Litomyšl town (couldn´t finish due to the arrest) 1948 - Together with his friends he established the anti-communist group 1949 - The group has performed few actions in ... arrows 

Zdeněk Marek (1929)

born 26 June 1929 in Valča, Slovakia childhood in the Nymburk District large family, parents died early after 1945, moved to his brother in Belgium Germany, underwent training with Americans functioned as an agent-ranger arrested and sentenced to five ... arrows 

Daniel Mayer (1957)

after secondary school (1977), studied at the rabbinical school in Budapest 1984, named rabbi for Prague June 1990, resigned from his position since 1991, lives in Israel was a State Security agent and informer from 1979 ... arrows 

Hana Mayerová rozená Cabicarová (1957) video clip available

born 1957 in Prague spent childhood in Mariánské Lázně raised by her step-grandmother, bilingual, Czech-German from 1970s, lived in Prague, discovered her Jewish origins, marriage to future Prague rabbi Daniel Mayer alleged cooperation with State Security, ... arrows 

Stanislav Mazan (1934)

Born on 1 October, 1934 In childhood witnessed war events in Vsetínsko region In 1949 captured during attempt to cross border to Germany, given a suspended sentence Took an offer to work for National security and worked for StB In 1952 another attempt for ... arrows 

Vladimír Musílek (1926 - ????) video clip available

born 1926 in the now defunct village of Ervěnice in northern Bohemia became a waiter in emigration from May 1948 to 1955 in December 1948joined the Foreign Legion 1951-1953 service in Indochina; spent a total of five years in the Legion returned in the ... arrows 

Miloslav Nerad (1921) video clip available

born 18 July 1921 in Ledeč nad Sázavou, mother died in childhood moved to Prague-Horní Počernice with his father attended a secondary technical school in CKD Prague technical clerk in CKD Prague started a boiler repairs firm May 1948, arrested for ... arrows 

Ladislav Okrouhlík (1924)

born 1924 in Prague-Žižkov trained as a precision mechanic January 1944, assigned to forced labour in Germany worked in an underground factory producing rockets near Nordhausen April 1945, when Nordhausen was bombed, set off on foot to Prague 1950, got a ... arrows 



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