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Secret services

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A collaborator of the Soviet secret service (3) A secret police agent (19) A secret police collaborator (31) A secret police informer (6) Agent of the western secret services (cold war) (25) An agent of the Soviet secret service (1)

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Antonín Kachlík (1923)

born February 26, 1923 in Kladno-Rozdělov the family moved to Prague in 1931 studying trade academy in Prague-Karlín graduated in May 1942 forced labour in the Luftschutzpolizei in the Ruhr region in Germany fighting the fire of the cathedral of Saints ... arrows 

Alois Kánský (1954 - 2008)

he was born on October 20th 1954 he graduated on the Faculty of Theology in Litoměřice town ordained by cardinal Tomášek in 1978 started his career as a parson in Plzeň town functioned in Libčice, in Unětice, in Roztoky, in Prague etc. signed the ... arrows 

Vojtěch Klečka (1921 - 2012) video clip available

his was born on February 17th 1921 in Luleč village near by Vyškov town he got involved with the Soviet espionage net ´Red Band´, where he functioned as a connection he escaped from arrest in 1943; he lived until a false ID and hid until the end of the war ... arrows 

Major General (ret.) Miloš Knorr (1918 - 2008) video clip available

retired General-major, was born in September 20th in 1918 in Ostrava in years 1937-38 he studied at the Military Academy in Hranice after the Nazi occupation Knorr escaped to France in 1940, later he enlisted army in England; there he was assigned to the 43rd ... arrows 

Miloš Kocman (1922 - 2015) video clip available

Born on March 17, 1922 in Prague Originates in a mixed Czech-Jewish family Attended the Jiráskovo gymnázium grammar school in Resslova Street in Prague Influenced by his professor of philosophy Josef Fischer, the chairman of the Association of the Friends of ... arrows 

Karel Köcher (1934)

born September 21, 1934 in Bratislava his mother’s family was severely affected by the holocaust study at the English and French grammar school in Prague study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and at the Film Academy as a young ... arrows 

Oldřich Komenda (1924) video clip available

born 3 December 1924 in Břeclav a Scout a member of the tramp settlement of Koráb joined the resistance 7 March 1943, arrested by the Gestapo spent almost two years in the Flossenbürg concentration camp survived a death march from Flossenbürg to Dachau ... arrows 

Jarmila Kovařovicová (1925)

born in 1925 in Metylovice in Místek Region, her father Metod Bílek was a saddler and mayor of the Sokol club in Metylovice, her mother was a teacher at a primary school during “Action Sokol” in 1941, her father imprisoned in Brno and Auschwitz, 1943 arrested an ... arrows 

František Kraus (1925 - 2014)

was born on 6th October in 1925 in Prague in a Jewish family he was transported to Terezina in August 1942, there he had spent more than a year in December 1943 was transported to Auschwitz as a punishment, in Auschwitz Kraus survived till the spring of 1944 in a ... arrows 

Václav Kříž (1925)

political prisoner, born 16th November 1925 in Semice at Písek of smallholder descent in the army during February 1948, attempted to flee the country in May arrested near the borders, interrogated at various places by the OBZ (Defence Intelligence) sentenced ... arrows 



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