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Registration in the researcher's room


Thank you for registering in our researcher's room. Doing so, you obtain access to all content stored in the Memory of Nation digitised archive of memories. Registered researchers may edit their profiles, post comments on various witnesses, and enter researcher's discussion forums including the possibility of leading discussions on their own research topics. All this is subject to the observance of the researcher's room rules. In order for the Memory of Nation portal's administrators to gain assurance that the registered researcher is an actual person and not just an anonymous Internet user, we have to verify your address. After your address has been verified, an activation code will be sent to your e-mail.


Here is how you can register as an user of the electronic study room:


  • Please complete the registration form below. Required items are indicated with the * (asterisk) symbol.
  • By now, you have been granted access to the researchers' forums. You will
    receive your researcher's certificate with an activation code at your e-mail
    address within 3 days.
  • Following a one-time submission of the activation code included in the certificate, you will become a researcher with all entitlements arising from this.
  • The administrators of the Memory of Nation portal guarantee the registered researchers the protection of the personal information submitted by them. The other users of the researcher's room will only be able to view your name and surname.


Please note that you can immediately participate in scholarly discussions. Your researcher's forums account will be activated immediately after the completion of the registration form, and you will obtain all other researcher's authorisations (access to all stored content, possibility to post comments on various witnesses etc.) once you receive the certificate and carry out the one-time activation.


Researcher registration form

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Research room


Just as a common "brick-and-mortar" archive has its research room, the Memory of Nation digital witness archive allows those interested in gaining a better knowledge of the issues to register in the research room, where they can study digitised content, primarily audio recordings of witnesses' memories. In addition, the researchers may post their comments on the various witnesses and enter researcher's forums, including the possibility of leading their own discussions on a specified research topic.


As a researcher registered in the Memory of Nation portal, I hereby undertake to:


-     Use the content obtained in the research room exclusively for the purposes of my own education and/or for other educative, enlightening, or other non-profit activity, while always respecting the copyright pertaining to the various projects;

-     Abide by the applicable law on the protection of personal information;

-     Not misuse the research room platform for political, ideological, or other canvassing, including but not limited to disseminating ideas and promoting movements leading towards the suppression of civil rights and freedoms;

-     Honour and respect the witnesses' dignity even though they may be mistaken in their statements. It is not easy for witnesses to remember long gone - and often traumatic - experiences; this applies equally to the witnesses who became the victims of the totalitarian oppression and those who participated in the oppression. Every witness who decides to leave their - albeit controversial - statement for the future generations deserves a researcher's regards and respect.


In the event of breaching of the above rules, the administrators of the Memory of Nation portal reserve the right to withdraw a researcher's entitlement to access the research room.



I accept the rules of research room*



Registration to research room

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