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List of witnesses of project 'Příběhy regionu - HRK REG ED'

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Jan Doskočil (1942)

born January 13, 1942 in Pelhřimov 1947 – moved to Hradec Králové graduated from the College of Chemical Technology in Pardubice 1965 – worked in the Research Institute for Electrotechnical Ceramics in January 1968 helped to disband the ROH trade union in the ... arrows 

Alois Heinrich Galle (1937)

born on July 7, 1937 in Neratov in Orlické (Eagle) Mountains his father Franz was killed as a wehrmacht soldier on the eastern front his brother Heinrich joined the Hitlerjugend and the wehrmacht, he was captured in the USSR and released only in 1949 as a young ... arrows 

PhDr. Josef Krám (1937)

born on January 24, 1937 in Pardubice his father was executed on May 7, 1945 for helping the paratroopers from the group Barium the family had a difficult life during the communist regime and they faced troubles with the StB graduated from the Pedagogical ... arrows 

Jiří Kvapil (1950)

born on 19 March 1950 in Nová Paka into a family of sportsmen and women his brother Jaroslav was a successful Czechoslovak road cyclist in 1958-68 after finishing grammar school in Stará Paka, he completed vocational training for electrical engineering in Hradec ... arrows 

Miroslav Šlechta (1928)

born 2 August 1928 in Přestavlky, Chrudim District grew up with his parents and two brothers in Česká Třebová his father earned a living as a vulcaniser influenced by President Masaryk’s writings, the Bible, and Karel Čapek’s Discussions with TGM trained as a ... arrows 



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