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List of witnesses of project 'Příběhy regionu - PLZ REG ED'

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Bachelor Josef Bernard (1965)

born on 30 May 1945 in Planá near Mariánské Lázně as a child, read prohibited literature in 1968, witnessed the arrival of the Soviet tanks did a vocational training in the Škoda factory recalls the late years of Škoda as a "solid dam of socialism and ... arrows 

Ctibor Fojtíček (1938)

born on March 6, 1938 in Poštorná his dad, Frantisek Fojtíček, was a missing soldier of the Wehrmacht Liberation of Poštorná by the Red Army interest in technology and study of secondary industrial school, non-admission to college completed basic military ... arrows 

Jan Hrad (1961)

born on September 30, 1961 in Pilsen to a Greek refugee and a Czech father in 1968 experienced the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in the 1970s began to practice horseback riding joined the evening industrial school but refused to join the party in the ... arrows 

Mgr. Ladislav Lašek (1930)

born on May 3, 1930, in Horažďovice, where he attended primary school during the war accepted to Teaching Institute in Pilsen experienced air raids on Pilsen he met U.S. troops in Horažďovice for the first time passed the final exam in 1948 — on the day of ... arrows 

Prof. MUDr., CSc. Mojmír Petráň (1923)

Born on March 28, 1923, in Prague Žižkov Passed the school leaving exam in 1942, a member of the illegal organisation Movement for Freedom Found a hobby in physics and amateur radio building, built radio transmitters illegally Til 1945 employed in Kbely near ... arrows 

Jan Rampich (1966)

Born on May 30, 1966, in Pilsen Studied the Secondary Technical School in Pilsen Lived a life in punk-style Did not finish the school, went to work in ŽOS Pilsen ... arrows 

Ing. Antonín Schubert (1960)

born on March 6, 1960 in Karlovy Vary childhood in Potůčky in Krušné Hory (Erzgebirge) attended the vocational school of forestry in Modrava from 1975 worked as a gamekeeper in Modrava in 1987 he had to leave Modrava, his entry permit into the border zone was ... arrows 

Ivan Staněk (1954)

born on 18 May, 1954 in Prague since 1967 lived in Pilsen in the family of a painter, Stanislav Stanek in 1982 began thinking about emigration in 1983 left with his wife, son, and friends to Yugoslavia unsuccessful attempt to cross the border to Austria with ... arrows 

Přemysl Zdeněk (1946)

Born on October 2, 1946, in Sušice His father was a Czech, his mother a Slovak, a labour class family in Nezamyslice School and children games in Všeruby near Pilsen Spring 1953, his father investigated over his child's shouting 1962 — moving to Pilsen, ... arrows 



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