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List of witnesses of project 'Příběhy regionu - STM REG ED'

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Ing. Aleš Bartusek (1965)

born on 25 August 1965 in Ostrava grew up in Ludgeřovice in the Hlučín region his father was a worker in Ostrava machine works, his mother a nurse graduated from the University of Mining in Ostrava as a 19-year-old established contacts with dissidents from ... arrows 

Svatava Billová (1944)

Born in Ostrava on 5 January 1944 Grandfather Arnošt Dadák founded a coffee roasting and packaging plant The witness’ father Arnošt Dadák Jr. managed the firm from 1939 to 1949 In 1949 she witnessed the nationalisation of the family business and StB house ... arrows 

Svatopluk Čech (1935)

Born on March 24, 1935, in Olomouc He spent his childhood and the war Kroměříž and Zborovice, where he stayed with his aunt In May 1945, he joined the Boy Scout organisation in Kroměříž After the closing down of the grammar school in 1948, he trained as an ... arrows 

Ing. Eduard Hájek (1942)

born 23 October 1942 in Ostrava his father, Břetislav Hájek, was arrested by the Gestapo for his resistance efforts and later died in concentration camp grew up in poverty with his mother and four siblings the family was active in Sokol and the witness was ... arrows 

Věra Kolková (1928)

born on 5 September 1928 in Černá Hora near Brno grew up at a chateau where both of her parents worked in 1934 moved with parents and younger sister to Zlín her father was a horse riding instructor for the Baťa family became friends with Baťa's children as ... arrows 

Lubomír Otisk (1926)

born on February 12, 1926, in the miners' colony in Doubrava, Karviná region his father was a miner, a blaster and social democrat in 1938-1939 he experienced the Polish occupation of the Těšín region and the expulsion of Czechs from Doubrava his family faced ... arrows 

Hana Totušková (1927)

born 25 September 1926 in Litomyšl in the poor family of a painter her father was active in the resistance during WW2 1941–1945, her father was imprisoned in Terezín and Buchenwald aged 14, she enrolled at the Baťa School of Work in Zlín and supported her ... arrows 



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