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List of witnesses of project '10 pamětníků Prahy 10'

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Eliška Dusilová (1931)

born July 10, 1931 in Pardubice her father, paediatrician Josef Bartoň, was involved in the resistance movement her father was executed for helping paratroopers from the group Silver A her mother Emílie Bartoňová died in Auschwitz she and her brother ... arrows 

Ing. Jan Konzal (1935)

born on the 5th of May 1935 in Třebonice (today’s Zbuzany) near Prague grew up in a boarding school at Svatá Hora from the age of eight to twelve avoided being put in a labour camp in 1950 during persecution of churches graduated from ČVUT in 1958 organized ... arrows 

Miroslav Kopt (1935)

Born in Prague 13th July 1935 1949 a member of an illegal boy scout unit 1952 sentenced to 6 years in prison 1954 sentenced for treason to 10 years in prison 1954–1960 labor camps Nikolaj a Rovnost (Jáchymov area), involved in intelligence activities 1960 ... arrows 

Miloslav Nerad (1921) video clip available

born 18 July 1921 in Ledeč nad Sázavou, mother died in childhood moved to Prague-Horní Počernice with his father attended a secondary technical school in CKD Prague technical clerk in CKD Prague started a boiler repairs firm May 1948, arrested for ... arrows 

Ilja Racek (1930 - 2018)

born 24 June 1930 in Prague graduated from the State Conservatoire in Prague from 1950, employed by the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc interrogated by State Security for being in touch with a friend who tried to emigrate he died on August 2, 2018 assigned to ... arrows 

Lidmila Rajbrová (1939)

born on 2 May 1935 in Strážov in the Bohemian Forest her father Karel Fiala was a Catholic, worked as a teacher and was an active member of the Czechoslovak People’s Party in 1948 her father was deprived from all his party posts; four years later he was arrested ... arrows 

Jan Skopeček (1925) video clip available

Born on September 19, 1925, in Litoměřice Was forced to work as a lathe operator in a factory belonging to the Walter company in Jinonice in 1941 In 1943, he was sent for work for half a year to the Gebrüder Schäfer Nürtingen company located near Stuttgart ... arrows 

PhDr. Zdeněk Slabý (1930)

Born on June 9, 1930, in Prague Joined Boy Scouts before WWII In 1944 accepted by Jaroslav Foglar into Prague's Dvojka unit After the war wrote reviews for Junák and Vpřed journals Read Czech and Russian literature and literary history at Faculty of Arts, ... arrows 

Josef Stanko (1926)

born on 7 August 1926 in Prešov grew up in poverty and worked hard since childhood finished elementary school and teaching institute from 1946 till 1948 studied military school in Hranice na Moravě went through various units from 1951 till 1954 studied ... arrows 

PhDr. Miloslav Stingl (1930)

Born on December 19, 1930, in Bílina, Sudetenland Spent the war in Rakovník, then lived in Karlovy Vary and then in Prague As a grammar school student he went to court for disseminating pro-communist leaftlets, was given a suspended sentence In the 1950s he ... arrows 



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