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List of witnesses of project 'In the footsteps of the Canonbury Operation paratroopers, the Jewish community and the US army in Pilsen'

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Pavel Bartovský (1936) video clip available

born 27 November 1936 in Pilsen 1948, the Communists nationalised the family shop, house, and car 1950, the Czechoslovak Youth Union confiscated their cottage in Nová Huť 1 June 1953, took part in the so-called Pilsen Revolt June 1953, the family was evicted ... arrows 

Professor MUDr., DrSc. Vladimír Beneš (1921)

born on January 27, 1921 in Pilsen 1932–1940: study at grammar school in Pilsen during the war worked as an editor in the Pilsen daily Nová doba, then as an orderly in the hospital in Pilsen led the American convoy to the town hall during the liberation of ... arrows 

Josef Hájek (1934) video clip available

he was born in 1934 in Pilsen he learned to be a metal turner in Škoda factory, where he also worked later June 1st, 1953 - he participated in the Pilsen rebellion against monetary reform arrested, investigated by StB and sentenced to eighteen months of ... arrows 

Pavel Hauzner (1936)

Born in January 1936 in Plzeň Spent his childhood in Roudná Allied bombing of Plzeň Arrival of U.S. troops Joined the SK Plzeň 1956 military service in Prague Bohnice Since 1989 has been actively exhibiting his stamp collection Forensic expert in the

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Svatopluk Holec (1933 - 2018) video clip available

born 7 April 1933 in Pilsen grew up in Korunní in the Doupov Mountains, where his father Emil Holec worked as a clerk at a mineral spring autumn 1938, the family was evacuated inland as the Czech border region was ceded to Germany experienced WW2 in Náchod; his ... arrows 

Professor Jan Jeník (1929)

Born on January 6, 1929 1938 - family moved away from Šumava/Sudetenland to Pilsen Co-founder of the Boy Scout troop North Star Graduated in forest engineering and ecology Member of the illegal Boy Scout group Circle Lectured at Charles University 1964 to ... arrows 

Ing., Colonel Jaroslav Piskáček (1926)

born April 5, 1926 in Pilsen his father Josef Piskáček – legionnaire, soldier by profession joined the anti-Nazi resistance movement – sending messages and gathering intelligence for the group Bílá hora (‘White Mountain’) actively involved in the Prague ... arrows 

Bohuslav Strejc (1928)

born 30 April 1928 in Pilsen from 1939, upper primary school 1942, the school was closed by the Germans 1942-1943, afternoon classes instead of school 14 February 1945, witnessed the bombing of Pilsen 17 March 1945, forced labour in Těšín 22 April 1945, ... arrows 

Eva Vítová (1930) video clip available

Born on September 7, 1930 Graduated from a business school in Plzeň Active in the Scout (Sokol) Secretary to the director of the Research and Test Institute of the Škoda works in Plzeň (personal assistant) Participated in pro-US demonstrations in May 1948 ... arrows 

Zdena Zábrodská, roz. Krejčová (1936)

born April 8, 1936 in Spálené Poříčí near Pilsen her father lost his trade in 1950 enrolled in the nursing school in Pilsen in 1950 in 1953 she was expelled from school for having joined a protest rally against the curency reform in 1954 married and started a ... arrows 



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