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List of witnesses of project 'The Stories of our neighbours supported by TPCA grants for Kolin region'

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Miroslav Lapiš (1941)

1941 – born in Petřvald studied the mining school due to his father´s wishes 1959 – began working in the Petřvald mine 1968 – manifestation of miners against Warsaw Pact armies´ invasion 1971 – moving to Štítary near Kolín at the beginning of normalisation ... arrows 

Marie Lapišová (1941)

1941 - born in Štítary near Kolín 1967 - moving to Karvina with her husband 1968 - witnesses of the arrival of the Warsaw Pact troops across the Polish border 1971 - moving back to Štítary 1990 - nurse at the hospital in Kolín ... arrows 

Lidmila Nedbalová, roz. Tlučhořová (1925)

born 3 May 1925 in Jestřábí Lhota near Kolín attended primary school in Jestřábí Lhota, Kolín, and Ovčáry a member of Sokol worked on the family farm and later at the local agricultural cooperative her parents’ farm and cattle was confiscated during the ... arrows 

Bohuslav Procházka (1938)

born 1938 on the family farm in Přítoky near Kutná Hora 1951, the farm was nationalised and the family evicted 1957, military service as a forced labourer in the Ostrava mines 1959, returned home, employed as an agronomist in Uhlířské Janovice 1990, regained ... arrows 

František Teplý (1930)

Born in 1930 in Horní Roveň near Pardubice After WWII he worked as a teacher in Frýdlant In the 1950s he became involved in an illegal Christian-democratic party Was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 1954 Was amnestied from the Vojna camp in 1960 Worked in ... arrows 



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