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List of witnesses of project 'Prison Experiences in Communist Romania'

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Gabriel Arieșanu

he is Greco-Catholic priest was arrested on 3 of March 1950 was sentenced to a year of prison together with other members from his church after detention activated in an underground organization of the church ... arrows 

Ion Diaconescu (1917)

born on 25 of August 1917 at Botesti, Arges county member of the National Peasant Party he held office within Ministry of National Economy was arrested on 5th of December 1947, being sentenced to 15 years of obligatory work he experienced the harsh conditions ... arrows 

Dumitru Iacob (1926)

Born on on 25th of March 1926 in Laz, Alba County, Romania Education: Faculty of Equipment and Technology from Brasov town, engineer. Was arrested on 26 October 1958 and sentenced to five years of prison under the accusation of omission of denunciation He was ... arrows 

Victor Isac (1917)

Born in 1917 into a family of farmers Bachelor of Philosophy and Letters Faculty of Bucharest. Professor. Member of the National Peasant Party Has been arrested on 22/23 July 1945 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for „the offense of conspiracy against ... arrows 

Lazar Lobont (1913)

Born on 8 April 1913 in Ghelari village, Hunedoara County, Romania Education: 7 primary school and 3 industrial; worker. Was arrested on 23 Iune 1958 and sentenced to at hard labor for life, for the crime of armed insurrection. He was released on 8 April 1964. ... arrows 

Cornel Lupu (1925)

born in August 29, 1925 in the Orăştie, Hunedoara County, Romania. Education: Secondary School of movement and commerce of railways. was arrested on October 26, 1958 and sentenced to hard labor for life, sentence reduced later to 25 years hard labor. was ... arrows 

Gheorghe Ion Munteanu (1920)

born in the village of Bărbătești, county Gorj, on January 1st 1920 arrested by the Secret Police on January the 6th 1959 sentenced to 15 years hard labour, 7 years loss of civic rights and 70 lei legal charges was detained successively in Craiova, Gherla, ... arrows 

Lucian Plapşa (1927)

was born on 7th of November 1927 studied at Chemistry Faculty from were was expelled once with his arrest was arrested in April 1949 was transferred from one prison to another, among which were Timisoara, Vacaresti, Jilava, Pitesti, Gherla and Canal finished ... arrows 



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