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List of witnesses of project 'Wandering in the Cross-border Footprints of Czechoslovak and Polish dissidents'

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Petr Bartoš (1960)

Born on July 20, 1960, in Gottwaldov (Zlín today) Disapproved of the communist regime since an early age Lost his job in the planning committee of the District National Committee in Gottwaldov due to his political stances In 1987 co-founded the Society of the ... arrows 

Dana Foukalová (1970) video clip available

born February 13, 1970 in the then Gottwaldov (present-day Zlín) connected to dissidents in Zlín through Petr Holubář arrested on the Králický Sněžník Mountain on August 5, 1989 for smuggling samizdat married Petr Holubář in March 1990 divorce, she ... arrows 

Pavel Jungmann (1956) video clip available

born 16 May 1956 in Zlín (then called Gottwaldov) one of the founders of the Society of Friends of the USA (SPUSA) one of the spokesmen of SPUSA did the editing and typography for the SPUSA Magazine printed samizdat literature and periodicals participated ... arrows 

Jáchym Topol (1962)

born on 4 August 1962 studied at a grammar school in Radotín in 1980 signed Charter 77 founded the magazine Violit; later renamed to Revolver Revue spent time in a mental hospital to avoid conscription smuggled samizdat literature to POland in 1989 ... arrows 

Vladimír Trlida (1962) video clip available

born on the 7th of July 1962 in Gottwaldov (today's Zlín) known as a “mánička” witnessed several police interventions during underground festivals signed Charter 77 in 1987 one of the founding members of the Society of friends of the USA (SPUSA) helped with ... arrows 

Ing. Radomil Vyoral (1960) video clip available

born on September 23, 1960 in the then Gottwaldov (present-day Zlín) printing samizdat in a basement workshop since 1985 StB has never found out about his activity worked for the Security Information Service (BIS) from 1990 until 2004 in 2017 living in ... arrows 



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