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List of witnesses of project 'Stories of the 20th Century: Forced Labor in National Socialism'

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Karel Dolista (1921 - 2016)

born on 9 September 1921 in Kovářov from 1942 to 1943 assigned to forced labor in Magdeburg after WWII graduated from Charles University with a degree in history in February 1948 participated in the student march towards the Prague Castle after graduation ... arrows 

Zorica Dubovská, roz. Horáčková (1926)

born April 11, 1926 in Prague experienced the German occupation of Prague 1944-1945, forced labour at Wegena in Prague experienced the liberation of Prague saw Vlasov’s Army move through Smíchov 1950, graduated from the University of Economic Sciences ... arrows 

Luděk Eliáš (1923 - 2018)

born July 29, 1923 in Slaný dismissed from grammar school for his Jewish origin transported to Terezín in 1942 1944 to Auschwitz, then in Schwarzheide near Dresden walked in a death march released near Litoměřice received medical treatment from the Red ... arrows 

Jiří Fabinger (1930)

born 5 January 1930 childhood in Prague-Vyšehrad remembers his membership in Sokol, the National Socialist Party, and the American Institute in Czechoslovakia under the YMCA 1938, remembers the mobilisation, the aftermath of the Heydrich assassination, air ... arrows 

Jiří Fišer (1936) video clip available

born January 7, 1936 in Česká Třebová his father Arnold Fischer joined the resistance movement in Česká Třebová his father died in the concentration camp Neungamme on May 17, 1941 twins Josef and Jiří were transported to the Terezín ghetto in April 1942 his

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Bohumil Hrabák (1925)

Born on June 29, 1925, in Ouběnice, part of Višňová, Příbram region Primary school in Višňová 1939 – Starts training as a tailor in Nečín 1943 trained, this year from March 17 on forced labour in Kopitz as a labourer mending the roads March 17, 1944 – Raid, ... arrows 

Jan Janků (1921)

born in Hanušovice in 1921 active scout since 1936 after the annexation of the Sudetenland in Vrbátky u Přerova forced labour in the Reich (in Wroclaw) in 1941 in 1943 escaped back to the Protectorate end of WWII in France as a driver for UNRRA in 1946 he ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jiří Pavel Kafka (1924) video clip available

Born on May 2, 1924, in Prague A member of the Zionist Organization Techelet Lavan June 28, 1939 - departure to England on the so-called Winton train Stationed in Ipswich in a camp for refugee children Vocational school, secondary school in Cheltenham ... arrows 

Lotte Kozová (1925)

Born July 19th, 1925 in Teplice. A victim of racial persecution had to leave after the takeover of the Sudetenland. From 1938-41 she lived in Prague, Piešťany and Sinevir in Ukraine. In August 1941 she escaped from a transport (internment) with her parents and ... arrows 



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